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#1 » 21.08.15 05:47h
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Health UpdateWEDNESDAY Authentic Chris Kunitz Jersey , JUNE 25th, 2014Courtesy of: Sayville Imdiate Chiroprtic CareDr. Frank Goz, Chiroprtic Physicianwww.SayvilleChiroprtor. - No Appointnt Necessary - (631) 991-3492NEW: "The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it. ~ Eckhart TolleMental Attitude: Risk Ftors Associated with Current Memory Problems and Later Cognitive Decline. Over 18,000 individuals were surveyed over the telephone in regards known risk ftors for Alzheir's disease and dentia later in life (depression, low levels of education, physical intivity, and high blood pressure) and current mory problems. Across all age groups, individuals with one or more of these risk ftors were more likely to currently suffer mory difficulties Authentic Sidney Crosby Jersey , even among those under 30 years of age. Aording to Dr. Stephen Chen, "We hope that our findings will raise awareness among researchers, health care providers, and the general public about the importance of lowering these risk ftors at any age, such as getting screened and treated for depression and high blood pressure, exercising more, and furthering one's education." PLOS ONE, June 2014Health Alert: Norovirus Spread by Restaurant Workers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that most outbreaks of norovirus are the result of contaminated food in restaurants where infected food workers touch ready-to-eat foods with their bare hands. They state raw foods such as oysters and leafy vegetables are the most mon foods implicated in outbreaks. CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden explains Authentic Marc-Andre Fleury Jersey , "All who prepare food, especially the food service industry, can do more to create a work environnt that promotes food safety and ensures that workers adhere to food safety laws and regulations that are already in ple." MMWR, June 2014Diet: Give Children Vegetables Often & Early. New research from the University of Leeds suggests that exposing infants to a new vegetable early in life encourages them to eat more of it as they grow. Researchers found that after 24 months, children bee hesitant to try new things and start to reject foods, even those they used to like. Lead author Dr. Marion Hetherington adds, "If you want to encourage your children to eat vegetables, make sure you start early and often. Even if your child is fussy or does not like veggies Authentic Evgeni Malkin Jersey , our study ows that 5-10 exposures will do the trick." PLOS ONE, May 2014Exercise: Yoga Probably Not Helpful for Asthma. Yoga is believed to enhance physical and ntal health, but it does not appear to ease asthma-related symptoms. Researchers analyzed 14 previous studies involving 824 adults and found only weak evidence that yoga helps asthma. Despite the findings, the Arican College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology notes that if it makes people with asthma feel better, they ould continue to prtice yoga. Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, June 2014Chiroprtic: Does Your Child Have Asthma? If your child suffers from asthma Chris Kunitz Womens Jersey , you may want to consider a course of chiroprtic care. A past study involving 81 children with asthma resulted in significant improvent in quality of life in 90% of the children after just o months of treatnt. Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, July 1997WellnessPrevention: Can Your Breath be Used to Detect Lung Cancer? Scientists have developed a breathalyzer that can detect lung cancer and also assess how advanced it is. This device could revolutionize lung cancer screening and diagnosis by offering a noninvasive and inexpensive approh to detect the disease. The research team is now working on tests that can monitor tumor rinkage to determine if lung cancer treatnts are working. Arican Society of Clinical Oncology Meeting, May 2014To Receive Daily Health Updates, go to www.DrFrankGozBlog. and sign upWe at Sayville Imdiate Chiroprtic Care realize you have a choice in who you choose to provide your healthcare services. If you, a friend or family mber requires care for low bk pain, we sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence own by choosing our services and look forward in serving you and your family presently and, in the future.The Sayville Chiroprtic office that makes it convenient for you to get the care you want in today's busy society! Our prtice has a strong working relationip with many local allied health care professionals and primary care MD's.No Appointnt Necessary, Walk-in Chiroprtic Care: New patients wele. No Long Term Care PlansSince Bk Pain Sidney Crosby Womens Jersey , Neck Pain and Headhes are one of the most mon plaints presenting to the chiroprtic physician, please ask for more information about this if you or a loved one is suffering. It's one of most significant ts of kindness you can give to those you care about.Serving the areas of Sayville, Oakdale, Bohemia, Bayport.YOU MAY BE A CANDIDATE FOR DRUG FREE RELIEF!FOR A FREE NO-OBLIGATION CONSULTATION CALL DR. FRANK GOMEZ at 631 991-3492Not ready yet…No Problem.To Receive These "Daily Health Updates Via E mail go to http:www.DrFrankGozBlog. and sign up.Thank you for your ti in reading my article. Please check out the links below for further reading on other health related http:www.SayvilleChiroprtor. http:www.DrFrankGozBlog.http:www.SayvillePainRelief. http:www.USchirodirectory. --- 2 Prevent mats from getting water damaged?Another big concern with trampoline owners is can I continue to water my gr[censored] with this huge trampoline sitting in my yard The answer is yes Make sure you have either a weather cover on the trampoline or have water repellant on the spring cover to prevent any water damage I understand it is a nuisance to have the weather cover on but in so cases you have spend 3000-4000 for a trampoline so it is probably in your best interest to protect your investnt 3 What if you live in extre heat conditions where the weather consistently rehes over 110 or 120
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