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Wearing what you want is a privilege, not a right — and lately, people have been abusing it.Last week, guards barred a reporter from entering the Speaker's Lobby, coach outlet  a room outside the House of Representatives chamber where reporters grab short interviews with politicians. She wasn't armed or anything — just bare-armed. Sleeveless dresses are against the Speaker's Lobby dress code.The incident caused a firestorm, with news outlets hysterically Coach Factory  comparing the House's so-called "sexist" rules to those of the dystopian TV series "The Handmaid's Tale."The outcry is beyond ridiculous — and misguided. Congressional rules are far from draconian. The Speaker's Lobby is the only room on Capitol Hill that Michael Kors Handbags  requires reporters to suit up so formally. As for the sexism claim, men are held to a high sartorial standard Longchamp Bag  there, too: They're required to wear jackets and ties, which are arguably more stifling than dresses with sleeves.Plus, who knows if Congress would have bothered enforcing this rule if reporters stuck to professional sheath dresses (as Michelle Obama routinely did)? Instead, journalists have been waltzing into the Speaker's Lobby wearing breezy summer dresses and Birkenstocks — not exactly proper business attire. Can you really blame Michael Kors Purses  the House for trying to uphold a sense of decorum?This Congress kerfuffle is just the latest case of people refusing to dress with a modicum of respect for their surroundings. Back in March, United Airlines got flak for stopping two Michael Kors Bags  teens wearing stretch pants from boarding a flight. Dubbed "Leggings-gate," the airline was derided for sexism — despite the fact that the two ejected passengers were flying for free on an employee's family pass, which entails a strict dress code Michael Kors Outlet  for both men and women.Then, in April, the posh department store Harvey Nichols incited similar ire for its "snooty" attitude toward author Joanne Harris, who tried to shop there in a hoodie. But in the end it was Harris who Longchamp Outlet  came across as a snob — would she have deigned to change out of her gym clothes for a meeting with a publisher or lunch with a friend? Why should a retail employee at a fancy shop be afforded any Longchamp Sale  less respect?And that's the heart of the issue: respect.Dressing like a slob is the height of entitlement. It's an arrogant power move employed by Silicon Valley whiz kids like Mark Zuckerberg in an effort to intimidate men and women in Coach Outlet Store Online  suits.Flouting a dress code says: "I'm too important to adhere to the rules and dress like everybody else, and you are not worth the few seconds it would take me to put on a shirt with buttons" — or, in Coach Bags  the House's case, throw a cardigan on over a sleeveless blouse.These types of dress codes aren't "Handmaid's Tale"-like sumptuary laws, which use dress as a way of signifying class and power. These workplace uniforms not only establish the sense of Michael Kors Outlet Online Sale  formality and respect that workplace environments should have — they also level the playing field, if only superficially. In theory, no one is exempt from having to wear a jacket or sleeves. Not even the president!If politicians have to sweat Coach Outlet Store Online  it out all day in sleeves and closed-toed shoes, it doesn't seem too much to ask female reporters to carry a cardigan and a pair of ballet flats in their bag for when they have to enter the Speaker's Lobby. Michael Kors Bags  It's probably the easiest thing their job requires of them.
"I was curious to see 'graphene underwear' and inquired what graphene could do to improve [the product]."I was told that because the material is 'very black,' it retains heat better."I Coach Factory Outlet  pointed out that this contradicted basic science because dark surfaces emit heat better, not retain it."Geim said the company sent him a pair of socks and boxers to try out by way of apology."I never put them on because their coach purses  textile felt low-quality and uncomfortable."Graphene lingerie might be out the window, but it's very important to make sure you're wearing the right size to save yourself from a boob blunder.The movement of your breasts when walking could reveal if you Coach Outlet  are wearing the right size bra and there could be serious consequences if you're getting it wrong.
Stealing your favorite star's style is easier than ever.Back in the day, if Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor were photographed wearing a particularly Coach Factory Store  stunning dress or sparkly pendant, fans had to wait decades for the chance to get their hands on it (and spend millions at a fancy auction, to boot).Now, if you see Kim Kardashian in a lace-up Givenchy bodysuit, for example, coach outlet online  all you have to do is wait a year or two, pick up your phone and purchase it for a few benjamins on the Web site the RealReal — all from the comfort of your own home."We've always had celebrities Longchamp  clean out their closet and sell items [on the RealReal], usually anonymously," says Natalie Seufferlein, a spokeswoman for the luxury consignment Web site, which has been around since 2011. But recently, she adds, more famous folk have gone public with Michael Kors  their closet purges.In the past year alone, Lena Dunham, Khloé Kardashian and Kris, Kendall and Kylie Jenner have held public sales on The RealReal. In June, Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins parted with some of his vintage Rick Owens Michael Kors Factory Store  and Marc Jacobs pieces for a sale on men's resale site Grailed. And hip-hop producer DJ Khaled is currently offloading a bunch of track pants, sweatshirts and custom suits on the platform Poshmark. These celeb-owned items often sell out within coach handbags  hours — even the most unremarkable jeans and hoodies. In some online auctions, prices far exceed retail.
A couple of hours later, I realized I had made a truly rookie mistake: Yes, I had purchased the kicks in my usual Michael Kors Outlet Online Sale  size . . . but these Vans were scaled to men's sizing.I immediately hopped onto OC's website. They were sold out. (Duh.)At this point, my only hope was to call the boutique directly — but it was only 6 a.m. in New Coach Outlet Online  York City, and OC doesn't open until 11.For five hours, I waited.    I told the salesperson, 'It's a fashion emergency.'At 10:45 a.m. NYC-time, I called OC, told the salesperson that it was a fashion emergency, and asked Michael Kors Sale  — by any chance — did the store have a pair of those pink beauties in stock?He put me on hold for what seemed an eternity. When he returned, he assured me he would hold the pair but couldn't conduct Michael Kors Outlet  an over-the-phone purchase. Once the store officially opened at 11 a.m., said purchase could be completed via a payment form (!) he would e-mail me.At this point, I was running late for a fashion show, so I told him I Michael Kors Outlet Online  would call in 45 minutes.As soon as the show wrapped, I called the store back. My main man there was busy (of course), but another salesperson was happy to facilitate my purchase (yay), and could I hold for a moment? Coach Outlet Store  Because literally everyone and their mother was calling the boutique wanting to buy this shoe (s – – t).
One contender from the UK is rewriting the rules.Watching contestants parade around in barely-there swimsuits is synonymous with the world of Michael Kors Outlet Clearance  beauty pageants the way sashes and rictus grins and pledges for "world peace" are.But now one contestant has thrown out the rulebook, and competed in the finals for Miss Universe Great Britain wearing a caftan, rather than a two-piece.Muna Jama, Coach Purses  from London, is Muslim and earlier this year won the right to compete in the famed competition wearing a caftan. It is the first time in the history of the competition that a contestant has not donned a revealing bikini.It coach factory  has been a long road for Jama to stepping onto the Miss Universe stage.Two years ago, she applied to represent the UK and made it to the finals, but bowed out out of concern about appearing in a swimsuit.However, this Michael Kors  year, Jama, who is the co-founder of a startup tackling illegal migration and child abuse in Africa, decided to apply again, but this time petitioned officials to be allowed to wear a caftan."I wouldn't wear a bikini to a beach, coach factory outlet  so I'm not going to wear one in a competition to score points," she has told the competition was won by Anna Burdzy, who will represent Great Britain, 27-year-old Jama has taken to Instagram to reflect on her history-making Michael Kors Outlet Store  turn on the catwalk."It takes bravery, emotional resilience and most importantly surrounding yourself with strong minded people who are prepared to make great sacrifices to welcome permanent and positive change," Jama wrote.
"There is so much more variety [in swimsuits]," Michael Kors Outlet Online  says Susan Marasco, fashion director of ready-to-wear at Bloomingdale's, who counts off-the-shoulder ruffled tops and cutout one-pieces as some of the more popular styles at the store. "You can go for a deeper-V to enhance your top, or a bathing Coach Outlet Stores  suit with a sexy cutout," she says.And unlike fashion fads, she predicts the body-positive movement is here to stay. "I think now more than ever, with supermodels promoting body diversity on Instagram" — such as Iskra Lawrence, size 14, with Coach Bags  3.5 million followers — "a younger audience is expecting more trends to become available for everyone. I think the trend is only going to get stronger."

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