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PRETORIA Cheap Carl Gunnarsson Jersey , Sept. 24 (Xinhua) -- South Africans and foreignersliving in the country on Sunday converged in different parts of thecountry to celebrate the Heritage Day through music, songs anddance. The day is celebrated every year on September 24 to showcasediverse culture and traditions. The Gauteng Province Premier, DavidMakhura, encouraged people of different nationalities living in thecountry to live peacefully. "Today our African brothers and sisters are showcasing theirdiverse culture and food. The day like this shows what we are as acontinent. We want to send a strong message today, this ourcontinent Vladimir Sobotka Jersey , and our world. We have to embrace diversity and liveside by side as equals," he said. Makhura also welcomed the Chinese, Argentinians, Peruvians, andIndians among mother nationalities who took part in the HeritageDay carnival. They were given a chance to perform and theyshowcased different regalia and dance moves. "Gauteng was built by migrant workers from various parts of thecontinent. Many came here to work in the mines from various parts.Without African migrant workers Colton Parayko Jersey , we could not have these beautifulbuildings we live in," he said. He also stated that South Africans should live peacefully withforeigners to make it easy for South Africans to also go and workin various parts of the continent. People from 54 African countries attended the carnival puttingon their different traditional dress. Different types of foods wereprepared and served during the carnival for free. Marc Gbaffou, chairperson of the African Diaspora Forum (ADF)representing over 35 African nationalities living in South Africahailed the carnival. He said the carnival show the rich culturaldiversity Africa has. "When we are here, we don't talk about nationalities, people arehere because they want to celebrate different cultures. This is aplatform to talk about Ubuntu (humanity) and embrace each other.Gauteng is a cosmopolitan society and we are happy to be here andshow unity in our diversity." Gbaffou called for those living in South Africa to unite andfight challenges facing them all like poverty Carter Hutton Jersey , corruption andsocial problems. He said people should not allow social problems todivide them. He said they support the Heritage Day celebrations. While many people might be most familiar with the external defibrillators seen on TV, in emergency rooms or at sporting events, there are similar devices that, although less obvious in their use, serve the same purpose of restoring proper heart rhythms and thus averting possible death by cardiac arrest or heart attack. They are called implantable cardioverter defibrillators but are often referred to as pacemakers.An implantable cardioverter defibrillator is a device designed for individuals with certain forms of heart disease of defects that put them at recurring risk of sustained ventricular fibrillation Jake Allen Jersey , or cardiac arrest. The device is implanted either within the chest itself, or more commonly today within the blood vessels thus eliminating the need for dangerous open chest surgery.Once inside the body, an implantable defibrillator, or ICD, uses leads positioned near the heart to deliver electronic pulses or shocks when the device senses a cardiac rhythm that is out of sync. This arrhythmia or fibrillation can lead to cardiac arrest by constricting blood flow to the heart. The device can also Kyle Brodziak Jersey , if necessary, stimulate a consistent pace or beat if the heart is unable to do so on its own.Internal defibrillators are only used in cases where a patient has shown consistent, recurring risk of cardiac arrest or attack do to fibrillation. As with any invasive surgery, an ICD is not to be taken lightly, but they have been extraordinarily useful in preventing sudden deaths among patients who elect to have them implanted.If you are wondering if you are a candidate for an ICD Alex Pietrangelo Jersey , contact your regular medical practitioner or heart specialist. Only they can determine whether you are in need of an internal defibrillator, but if you have been found to be at recurring risk for rhythm problems such as ventricular tachycardia (when the heart beats at a dangerously fast pace) or ventricular fibrillation (when the heartbeat is both fast and irregular), an ICD may be a viable option. Patients who have ICDs implanted often say that the delivery of pacing therapy by the device is a painless experience. Most do not experience discomfort or pain, while some may feel a mild fluttering in the chest. If cardioversion therapy is needed, a mild shock is sent that is said to resemble a thump in the chest. The defibrillator shock Paul Stastny Jersey , sent to resolve cardiac fibrillation or irregular pacing, is the heaviest jolt and is often said to resemble a swift kick in the chest. There may be some discomfort but the sensation typically only lasts a few moments.Once you have an internal defibrillator implanted, certain lifestyle adjustments will be necessary. Like after any surgery, your doctor will advise you to limit any strenuous or stressful activities for a certain period of time. But in most cases, you can return to a normal routine after a few short weeks. Though Dmitrij Jaskin Jersey , patients will need to be aware of any machines capable of interfering with the ICD茂驴陆s operation. Devices with strong magnetic fields are of particular concern.Though doctors will always be hopeful to avoid major invasive surgery such as the implantation of an ICD, implantable cardioverter defibrillators have allowed thousands of heart patients to live out long and productive lives despite a recurring cardiac condition or disease. Recent advances have made the device smaller, more effective and often unnoticeable to both the patient and the public. Consult your physician for more information about whether an ICD is right for you. TIANJIN, March 21 (Xinhua) -- The booming bike-sharing industry has had a polarizing effect on Chinese bicycle manufact.
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