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Persistence Will Get You Towards Success Self Help Articles | June 13  Alex Gordon Jersey , 2014

One of the major factors towards success is persistence. Persistence to keep going when the going gets tough. People will tell you it can't be done, or you can't do that. Sometimes it will fail,...

One of the major factors towards success is persistence. Persistence to keep going when the going gets tough. People will tell you it can't be done, or you can't do that. Sometimes it will fail, but the important thing is to keep going.

To become successful you have to have faith in what you're doing, and know you will find the answer. You have a successful mindset. You know what the difference between someone who's successful and someone who's not? If you go and ask one hundred people in the streets right now. What is your goal in life  Bo Jackson Jersey , what is your desire? Ninety eight of the people will not know what they desire. They'll say I don't know. People don't set goals in their life and just follow what is put in-front of them. Then when you come up with a goal, they'll say it can't be done and try to keep you where they are.

The first thing you must do, is find a clear goal. Once you know what it is, write it on a piece of paper. Be specific, how does if feel set a date, what's around you. If it's money write down how much it is  George Brett Jersey , don't say a lot, be specific. You have to gain a feeling of achieving this goal.

After you have it written down. Take the piece of paper, and read it twice a day. Once in the morning, and right before you go to bed. Every time you read it, you feel the emotions of you achieving your goal. This will help you find the right answers to acquire your goal. After you have a clear picture. You must know you can achieve it.

Having faith will get you towards your goal. Study it, become it  Kansas City Royals Jersey , surround yourself with the right people that will get you their. You will encounter failure, and people that don't think you can do it. They will try and bring you down. But persistence will get you there. You do not let any negativity stop you from achieving your goal. You let negativity slip off you, like water off a ducks back.

You'll start to grow into something different. You'll start to have a certain thing about you, that separates yourself from everyone else. You're more positive and know you can achieve great things. You can inspire others to become successful. This happens with surrounding yourself with the right people, and learning from them. Growing yourself into a better person everyday. Reading, listening  Gerrit Cole Jersey , watching just being around successful people will get you there. Birds of a feather flock together. CLICK HERE, write your email, click submit, watch the video. Take action and take your credit card out and buy now.

You deserve to live on the beaches of the world and enjoy your life. Know you can do it. Enjoy your day and live with passion.

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1. The Law of Everyone

It is not neccessarily wrong to get angry. You get angry, I get angry, all God's children get angry. It's what we do with our anger that makes the difference.

2. The Law of Stress

Although we don't often think of anger as a form of stress  Jose Altuve Jersey , it is by far one of the largest and most destructive forms of daily stress. Manage your anger, and you manage a large amount of your stress. 3. The Law of Choice

Anger is rarely if ever an automatic response. It's a choice. It's a choice because we have to think about something before we get angry.

4. The Law of Shoulds

We all have beliefs about how the world and the people around us should behave. When these beliefs are violated, anger is a natural, and sometimes reasonable response. The problem is that when we 'should? on somebody, it can become a trigger for our anger.

For example, if we run the sentence 'that driver should not have cut in front of me? over and over in our heads  Michael Brantley Jersey , the response is not likely to be pretty. At best we'll raise our blood pressure, and at worst do something really stupid.

5. The Law of Blame

Another one of our thoughts that lead quickly to anger involves blaming someone or something. The dance of blame is a deadly two step:

1) someone is at fault, and

2) they should be punished - anger can be very punishing.

6. The Law of Cause

This one is closely related to the law of blame. There is a myth in our culture that very few people ever question. The best example is the phrase ?he made me angry.?

Well, bull! No one can make us angry without our cooperation.

7. The Law of Emflaming

Another myth is that if we are able to vent our anger it will automatically decrease. That is not necessarily so. I once watched a neighbor stomp around the side of his house, grumbling and swearing as he went. Stomping by the air conditioning unit, he smashed his fist down on top of it. That move not only made him more angry  Alex Bregman Jersey , it looked to me like it hurt a lot too. Grumbling and swearing even louder, he stomps into his backyard and kicks a lounge chair. It didn't appear to calm him down, and it looked like that one hurt too. I found out later that he broke both his hand and his foot on his romp around the yard.

8. The Law of Source

In almost every case, anger is a secondary emotion. In other words, we experience some other strong emotion before we feel the anger. Follow the source and you usually come up with one of three strong emotions - fear, frustration or hurt  Carlos Correa Jersey , or some combination of the above. Deal with fear, frustration and hurt and you can cut anger off at the pass.

9. The Law of Battles

Learn to pick your battles. If you get angry at everything, then your anger means nothing. If that sounds confusing, here.  Wholesale Jerseys    Wholesale Jerseys    Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys    Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys    Cheap Basketball Jerseys    Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys    Wholesale Jerseys China    Wholesale Jerseys China    Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys    Wholesale Jerseys China 

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