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#1 » 12.02.19 09:35h
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Product management cannot survive without good project management. More than often  Braves Orlando Cepeda Jersey , especially in an internet products based startup, people don't understand the difference between product managers and project managers. For most people, they are one person. Even the senior management who hires a product manager often confuses them with project manager. So  Braves Deion Sanders Jersey , here is the list, which every manager should read, to differentiate between the project manager and product manager. This list enables a manager to set the right expectations according to the role.

Project Manager
– Manages the project
– Creates the project plan  Braves David Justice Jersey , including deadlines
– Follow up with product managers, development team, QA team to get things done
– If needed  Braves Chipper Jones Jersey , also does efficient resource planning among various projects
– May influence product development depending upon resource availability
– Prioritizes the task list for the resources or dept heads.
– Makes sure that team has the required infrastructure available to get the job done
– Participates in group discussions on a regular basis to facilitate cross-team interaction. (E.g. Development team, Product team and UI team)
– Does not give any (or less) input on how to code a program
– Does not give any (or less) input on product management

Product Manager
– Does a market research
– Does a customer research
– Is also called anthropologists of a product because of their better awareness of the product and interaction of the product with the end user.
– Develops a list of feature set for product
– Creates the product flow
– Develops use cases
– Understands business as well as user experience of the product
– Co-ordinates with the UI team, development team  Braves Bob Uecker Jersey , QA team to ship the product.
– Is actually a product owner
– Can influence a product shipping date depending on Market Business needs
– Manages the product road map
– Manages the bugs list and may decide which one should be fixed first.
So, what's the moral of a story? If you ask product manager to manage the resources engineering team QA team and get involved in daily tasks of project management, you are going to lose out on a product improvement. Who else is the better person than product manager to innovate or develop better solutions for your customers? Think about the implications for a second.

– Do you want to lose end customers?
– What is important for your business?
– Retaining end users by providing them better services or continuously handling internal fires  Braves Bobby Cox Jersey , which are the part of a project management?

I am sure your answer will lead to a right direction.

To know how a well-qualified product management consultant can help you build great product, please visit

Pulling Data From Multiple Tables Into a Single Query in Ms Access by Nicholas Brown

Author: Nicholas Brown

Sometimes an Access database user needs to pull pieces of information from multiple table sources to display on a single form. For many users, this can seem like a daunting task. However  Braves Dale Murphy Jersey , with a few tips and a little practice, you can learn to link database tables with little headache. The easiest way to accomplish this is to make use of the 芒鈧揚rimary Key芒鈧?option provided in MS Access. The Primary Key is a unique identifier that classifies the data in a table. By representing data in different tables with the same Primary Key, linking tables is relatively easy.

The first step is to create a new query. Once the query has been created and named  Braves Babe Ruth Jersey , open the query in 芒鈧揇esign View芒鈧?to view the inner workings of the query. Since this is a new query, there should not be any tables listed in the viewer. Select the 芒鈧揳dd table or query芒鈧?option to select the tables you would like to link.


If the Primary Key for the tables selected is the same for each table, then linking the tables is easy. Simply select the field set as the primary key and drag it to the corresponding table芒鈧劉s primary key. The tables are now linked by the uniquely identifying Primary Key. Information from either table can now be displayed in the query when it is run.


If the Primary Key differs between the selected tables  Braves Dansby Swanson Jersey , then a little more work is required to link the tables. Let us consider an example to better illustrate this process. Assume you have two tables. One table contains an automatically numbered Primary Key. The table contains one other field besides the Primary Key. This field contains descriptions of options a user can select (e.g. 芒鈧搚es芒鈧? 芒鈧搉o芒鈧? 芒鈧搊ther芒鈧? etc.) stored as strings. This type of table is known as a 芒鈧搇ist芒鈧?table or a 芒鈧搒tatic芒鈧?table because the data does not change. The other table contains account information for customers at a small business. One of the fields displays whether or not the customer has paid their outstanding bill.

In the newly created query, the user must link the two fields. The linking between the two tables can be accomplished using the 芒鈧揅riteria芒鈧?option in the viewer. Below is an example of how to link the data in the dynamic and static tables:


Dynamic Table:

芒鈧揫Static Table Name].[Static Table Field Name]芒鈧?p>


The two tables have now been linked! Use this as a template for linking your own tables within a query. With a little practice, you will be able to create more complex queries  Braves Freddie Freeman Jersey , helping you become more efficient and organized within your database.


Article Source: Link

About the Author:


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